VALLEY HUNTER (4-Piece Casting ROD) Freshwater Lure



VHC-664M    Strength: M / Action: R / Line: 6-16 lb / Lure: 3.5-21 g

Convenient, simple, sophisticated, fun, and professional. This fishing rod can provide you with endless fun. The meticulous manufacture of the fishing rod, even the four-section rod can make the bending smooth and the sensitivity conduction stable… and so on, the characteristics of the modern fishing rod are light, simple, and easy to carry when traveling, so that lure fishing is no longer limited to the inconvenience caused by the length. The versatility of the R action, and the power of M let you enjoy the fun of fishing. It is applicable to Top Water, Minnow, Crank, Rubber Jig, Spinner Bait, Texas Rig, Down Shot Rig, etc.


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In order to conquer and get the mystical creatures that live in the river of gorge, you need to have a fishing rod that is powerful enough to against the fish and control the direction and is susceptive on the tip to allows you to feel the transmit of motivation. The flexible rod action achieves to cast far to reach to your goal and be able to absorb the sudden force and against to the accidentally lose. You can use it to overcome the rivers or lakes and become a VALLEY HUNTER!

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